Information for Authors


Authors were notified of the outcome of their abstract submission on 5 March 2012. If invited to, authors should prepare their 6 to 8 page paper according to the template below. It is important to NOT put any page numbers on the paper. It is also recommended that not too much space is spent on standard SPH equations in the paper, since readers are assumed to already know the basics of SPH. The paper may be prepared using MS Word or LaTeX, but please only submit a pdf version.

Download LaTeX template

Download MS Word template

The paper should be submitted by 10 April 2012, and the presenting author should register for the workshop by 20 April 2012.

Submission format pdf
Closing date for paper submissions 10 April 2012
Submit to
Closing date for author registrations 20 April 2012

Student Prize

When submitting your paper, if you have not already done so, please indicate whether you are a student and if you would like to be considered for the student prize. Note that to be eligible for the student prize, the student must be the first author on the paper, and also give the presentation.


Each paper presentation will be allocated 13 minutes. Each session will consist of four paper presentations plus 13 minutes of discussion and questions with the presenters (65 minutes total). Presenters are requested to avoid slides that discuss general aspects of SPH will be familiar to most of the audience.


Abstract submission

Attendees wishing to give a presentation at the SPHERIC workshop must submit an abstract of their work. Abstracts must be no longer than 1 page, and should include one illustrative figure. An example of the format of an abstract be be found here.

Please submit a pdf version of the abstract before 1 February 2012 to be considered for a presentation at the workshop. Authors are requested to list at least three relevant Workshop Topics with their submission.

When submitting your abstract, please indicate whether you are a student and if you would like to be considered for the student prize.

Submission format pdf
Closing date for abstract submissions 1 February 2012
Submit to

Abstract review process

The quality of the abstracts will be assessed based on three equally important categories:

  1. novelty,
  2. applicability and impact,
  3. accuracy and improvements over other methods.

Each abstract will be reviewed by at least three experts. Authors will be notified of the outcome by 1st March 2012 (date to be confirmed). Accepted authors will be invited to submit their full paper by 10th April 2012. Please continue to check the Important Dates page for any changes. Note: there is no need to register for the workshop before submitting an abstract.